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A Kid From Texas. 

Now home to a much beloved family ranch, Randado, Texas started as a ranching community in South Texas nearly 200 years ago. Legend has it, the community was famous for its highly-ornate lassos made on the ranch, called randas, giving birth to the town's name. 

Today, Randado symbolizes much more than a historic Texas ranching town. It's a place that brings family and friends together to celebrate, relax, and appreciate the world around us. 

Now we're on a journey to make wine fit for this occasion. Wine should be fun & approachable with one goal in mind, to bring people together. 


Sustainability Starts in the Vineyard

Sustainability is front of mind with every action we take. Many of the vineyards we work with are Certified Sustainable and Certified Green. These third-party audited designations award scientifically sound, sustainable winegrowing. 

At the winery, we aim to minimize packaging waste, from avoiding plastics & styrofoam, & using 100% recyclable cardboard and compostable wine shipping trays. Randado Wines is also a proud member of 1% for the Planet. 


Where the Magic Happens: Napa, CA

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